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This week we welcome Flavia to the Love, Aly community with her Local Shop Spotlight about her trip to The Yarn Cake. Check out Flavia on Instagram here.

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Exploring the world one yarn store at a time

While planning my trip to Scotland to attend a conference in Glasgow, I was scanning Google maps when I noticed there was a yarn shop not far from where I was staying. I was trying to find a way to best memorialize trips I take without accumulating trinkets, and buying local yarn from a LYS (Local Yarn Store) seemed like the perfect way to commemorate the trip.

During a set of less exciting morning talks, I slipped out of the conference and trekked out insearch for squishy yarn. My walk from the conference center to the shop led me through a large park, and from there on a walking/biking path along the river. This lovely walking path winded through the city, where the sound of the riverdrowned out the bustle of the city and left me with a sense of peace and a chance to be alone with my thoughts. I followed this path until I came up to a road lined with small shops and cafes. There, I found The Yarn Cake.

The Yarn Cake is locates at 148 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow, G20 8NY

All good paths lead to great yarn stores

Upon entering The Yarn Cake, I was greeted warmly by Antje,the owner of the shop. The natural daylight filtered through the large bay window, lighting up a lovely seating area where customers could socialize with their latest projects over coffee, tea, and cake. The yarns were displayed in tall wooden shelves and were well-organized, making it easy for customers to scan the selection and squish the yarns to their heart’s content. Antje kindly showed me around the shop, pointing out several brands of interest. I was pleased to see that many of the yarn brands carried were UK companies made with UK fibers, as well as local indie dyers. The store also carried German sock yarn and Drops yarn in a multitude of colors.

At the time of my visit, there were two indie dyers showcased in the shop. Mothy and the Squid specialises in capturing the technicolor beauty nature offers. Her dye work features colorways inspired by moths and squids, however there were several other nature-inspired colorways available. The color combinations were captivating, and showcased Jillian’s dying skills. Another indie dyer currently being showcased in the shop is Fibre Punk, and the shop carried beautifully dyed yarns from this dyer in soft pinks, blues and purples. I noticed that the skeins were available in several bases, including a base named “Luster” that was oh-so-soft with just the right amount of shine and drape.

I’ll have a latte with my yarn

The Yarn Cake, as suggested earlier, is not only a yarn store but also a café. As I indulged in a delicious bundt cake and a latte, I wondered why I haven’t gotten into the wonderful habit of knitting in a café. Antje studied architecture in Glasgow, and was an architect for many years. Nine years ago, she saw a need in Glasgow for a location where makers and fiber enthusiasts could purchase yarn and mingle. This thought became an idea for a shop and cafe, and with encouragement and support from her friends, the Yarn Cake was born.

A warm reflection of Glasgow

Antje has lived in several places, but she kept coming back to Glasgow, and has made it her home. To her, one of the wonderful things about Glasgow is the strong sense of community within a larger city. Indeed, in my time there I was able to see this firsthand from the interactions with her shop neighbour and a customer who popped in to say hello. Chatting with Antje, I immediately felt welcomed and at home in this shop.

If you are in Glasgow, I recommend popping in and saying hello. It is such a lovely shop, and I regret that I could not spend the morning (and the rest of my week) knitting away and sipping coffee at The Yarn Cake.

Big thank you to Flavia for this awesome article! Interested in guest blogging for Just drop us an email here.


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