Praying for Rain – Australian Red Cross C2C Pattern

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Its terrible being on the other side of the world, knowing that your friends are in danger from the horrific effects of a bush fire tearing through Australia. Making nests and gloves for Koala’s can seem daunting, especially with the slow speed of air mail, not to mention putting postie’s lives at risk. So here’s another way you can help.

By downloading the Australia C2C pattern, you can help raise funds for the Australian Red Cross, as I will be donating 100% of the profits to them, now and even in the future when the fires are over.

You can purchase the pattern here:



The pattern costs £2 (+ local taxes in your area) and will be sent to Australian Red Cross upon receipt.

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The pattern features:

  • Crocodile – Australia’s favourite predator.
  • Fish swimming in the Great Barrier Reef – one of Australia’s prime attractions
  • Boomerang – a nod to the native Aborigines of this great island
  • “Shrimp on the Barbie” – although every Aussie will tell you its a PRAWN… but we like the saying anyway.
  • Australia – because yknow, its FOR Australia….
  • Koala – so many have perished in the bush fires its heartbreaking to see how many.
  • Kangaroo – The first thing anyone thinks of when you mention Australia.
  • Ute – The most unfashionable, yet “all the rage” vehicle the Aussies love to drive.
  • Cricket – Their favourite sport.


7/1/2020 – First $100 donation sent. Thank you for your purchases & donations!


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