FREE CROCHET PATTERN – Candy Corn Trick or Treat Drawstring Bag

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Have you made the Candy Corn Headband yet? Well here’s the matching Candy Corn Trick or Treat Drawstring Bag- perfect for taking around the neighbourhood with you this October 31st! I love Candy Corn and it makes me sad it only comes out at Halloween… that is, until now! I can definitely see this being a year-round accessory!

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Finally a use for those Halloween coloured scraps! Work this easy pattern up in an evening or weekend. Complete with its own little drawstring, this bag would make a great little accompaniment for any Halloween-loving individual!

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This pattern is written in UK terms and instructions are given in the round. US terms are given below in the ‘Abbreviations’ section.

You will work in a spiral, similar to amigurumi. This means you will not join the end of each round with the beginning unless explicitly stated.


DC = UK double crochet (US = single crochet)

Ch = chain

Ch-sp = Chain space

St = stitch

Sts = stitches

SlSt = slipstich

TC = UK treble crochet (US = double crochet)

You will need:


Make a magic circle. (Alternatively ch3 and SlSt to first ch to join)

Round 1: 6DC in circle.

Round 2: 2DC in each st around (12)

Round 3: [2DC in st, 1DC in next st] repeat around (18)

Round 4: [2DC in st, DC in next 2 sts] repeat around (24)

Round 5: [2DC in st, DC in next 3 sts] repeat around (30)

Round 6: [2DC in st, DC in next 4 sts] repeat around (36)

Round 7: [2DC in st, DC in next 5 sts] repeat around (42)

Round 8: [2DC in st, DC in next 6 sts] repeat around (48)

Round 9: [2DC in st, DC in next 7 sts] repeat around (54)

Round 10: [2DC in st, DC in next 8 sts] repeat around (60)

Round 11: [2DC in st, DC in next 9 sts] repeat around (66)

Round 12: [2DC in st, DC in next 10 sts] repeat around (72)

Round 13: [2DC in st, DC in next 11 sts] repeat around (78)

Round 14: [2DC in st, DC in next 12 sts] repeat around (84)

Round 15: [2DC in st, DC in next 13 sts] repeat around (90)

Round 16: [2DC in st, DC in next 14 sts] repeat around (96)

Round 17: [2DC in st, DC in next 15 sts] repeat around (102)

Round 18: [2DC in st, DC in next 16 sts] repeat around (108)

Round 19: [2DC in st, DC in next 17 sts] repeat around (114)

Round 20: [2DC in st, DC in next 18 sts] repeat around (120)

Rounds 21-34: DC in every st around (120)

Change to orange yarn.

Rounds 35-48: DC in every st around (120)

Change to white yarn.

Rounds 49-72: DC in every st around (120)

Round 73: Ch4 (counts as TC + 1ch), sk st, [TC, ch1, sk next st] repeat across. SlSt to 3rd ch of starting Ch4 to join.

Round 74: Ch1 (doesn’t count as a st), DC into all sts and ch-sp across. (120)

Round 75: Ch3 (counts as TC), 6TC into same st. [Skip 3 sts. DC into next st, skip 3sts, 7TC into next st]. Repeat around, finishing by skipping 3sts, DC into next st and then SlSt into top of starting Ch3 and fasten off.


Create a chain that is the length of the diameter of your bag when it is open + approximately 2inches

Thread the drawstring through the openings made in Round 73 and tie your bag up!

Voila! You have a finished Candy Corn Trick or Treat Drawstring Bag! This would also make a great October project bag to keep your stash safe on the go!

Finished this bag? I’d love to see it and what you use it for! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @lovealyuk or add this to your queue on Ravelry!


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