7 Best Crochet Patterns for Dad

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In honour of my dad’s 60th Birthday this week, I thought it apt to have a round up of crochet patterns that can be made up and gifted to all the dads out there, or even any of the men in our lives. Lord knows that if they can embrace our yarn hoarding then they deserve a yarny treat of their own…

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#1 – Cozy Coed Cardigan by Ashlea Konecny

Let’s start with the ambitious one first! This cardigan is absolutely adorable and something I can definitely see any man wearing! The muted colour palette screams “man-friendly crochet” and this is definitely a gift that will get a TON of use.

Find the pattern here.

#2 – Diamonds in the Rough by Michael Snow

Hello Tunisian Crochet! My best friend and my arch enemy! This beauty is made up using Tunisian knit and purl stitches to give it this super subtle pattern. It looks almost woven!

This beautiful scarf is the perfect crocheted-but-doesn’t-look-crocheted gift to give any man in his defence against the winter months!

Find the pattern here.

#3 – Zigzag Sleeve by Yarnfreak

Is your dad a man of the 21st Century like mine? Every corner of the house is littered with gadgets and electrical components. Keep one of them safe with this beautiful iPad sleeve.

I love the colours of this one, but why not substitute it for dad’s favourites? This would make the perfect last-minute-gift that doesn’t look so last minute!

Find the pattern here.

Love Aly Crochet Canyon Top free Pattern

#4 – Furrow Socks by Figpox Farms Designs

When Christmas and Birthdays come around I’m pretty sure every man groans at the sight of the inevitable pair of socks… that is, until they’re gifted handmade socks!

Show the man in your life that you actually care about the comfort of his feet and maybe we can stop the collective groan of men everywhere one pair of handmade socks at a time by whipping up this gorgeous pair! Finally a use for all that sock weight yarn we’ve been hoarding!

Find the pattern here.

#5 – Race Car Slippers by Penelope Vt

Slippers that embrace a mans love of cars? These definitely tick the box! Match them to his favourite F1 team or the colour of his beloved whip!

Find the pattern here.

#6 – Ice Scraper Mitt by Stitches N’ Scraps

Keep fingers warm for those men living in colder climates! When their windscreen freezes over, it won’t be such a chore to get the scraper out when they know their fingers won’t drop off from the cold!

A great beginner pattern that we could probably all use in the winter months!

Find the pattern here.

#7 – Handy Caddy by Crochet Memories

Keep all those remotes and gadgets organised and within easy reach with this great caddy! You can drape it over the sofa, or even tuck it in next to a bed so that dad’s can always access the clicker when the ad breaks come on.

Find the pattern here.

What are you working on for your dad or man in your life? I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram @lovealyuk or drop a comment below to your favourite pattern!


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