LSS: Yarns, Threads and More, Durango, CO, USA

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When I think of Colorado, I think mountains, giant pine trees, white water rafting and hot springs. The last thing, believe it or not, is yarn. While my crojo was suffering, mainly due to the great picturesque distraction that is the entirety of this state, I popped into Yarns, Threads and More in Durango for a little yarn-therapy…

Number of Brands Stocked:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Size of Store:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
WOW-Factor:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Knit and Natter:0 out of 5 stars (0.0 / 5)

*I didn’t attend a Knit and Natter at this venue.

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Durango is comfortably nestled in the Southwestern corner of Colorado somewhere between the San Juan National Forest and Mesa Verde National Park. The scenery is beautiful and Durango makes a great stop off heading out of the state.

I found Yarns, Threads and More in a strip mall off the main road bisecting Durango. It has a great big sign outside that’s hard to miss- and super cute!

Yarns, Threads and More is located at 1125 S El Camino del Rio, Durango, CO 81303, USA

Shannon, the owner of the store wasn’t in, but the lady (who’s name I’ve so hideously forgotten!) looking after this yarny haven was so delightful, and her excitement for all things craft was infectious! We discussed my latest endeavours into knitting and our travels so far. She was lovely!

What catches your eye when you first walk into the store is just how big it is. One wall to the left is covered entirely floor-to-ceiling with hand dyed skeins of the rainbow. It’s breathtaking. The choice is incredible and you could spend days trying to decide. Check out these beauties (with great names!) I stumbled across:

And here’s a shot of that beautiful hand dyed wall of beauty:

Yarns, Threads and More isn’t like any other LYS I’ve stumbled across before. That’s because it isn’t just full of high-end, more “luxury” brands. It stocks everything from the more economically-priced Bernat and Red Hearts to $60-a-hank Hand-dyeds from independent dyers. This is literally a one stop shop!

Which is no surprise really as other than a nearby Walmart, Durango doesn’t have any other places to buy yarn! The horror!

There’s even a wall of dyes to dye your own skeins if you can’t find that perfect colour-blend!

This store is an absolute gem. Not only does it support independents, but mixes it in with the big brands. No pressure if your budget won’t reach! It’s hard to find that in a LYS a lot of the time.

Also- this is the one store I’ve been to so far that has an option of purchasing ready-made crocheted or knit items! How amazing is that? Check out these gorgeous hats!

The selection is to die for, and the decorations around the store make this an absolute yarn-lovers paradise!

Star Wars anyone?

So if you’re a Durango local, or just passing through, make sure to check out the large selection at Yarns, Threads and More… the more being that they do fabrics and hooks too!

Shopped at Yarns, Threads and More before? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!


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