LSS: Black Oveja, Madrid, Spain

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Walking up to this little store, I pulled out my phone and google-translated “Black Oveja” and would you believe, it translated to Black Sheep- if their little black sheep logo wasn’t a giveaway! Oh well, Spainish was never my strong suit…

It never rains in Spain. Well, it does the day after it’s been torturously hot and you’ve now come under-dressed for your outdoor escapades believing everyday must be just as hot. How wrong, and rain soaked, I was! Luckily this time I’d worn a coat with a hood…

The Black Oveja prides itself on being a “vegan” craft store. So when I rocked up I was expecting a whole load of acrylic stacked to the ceiling… and how right I was!

This shop is teeny tiny, and if you (like I) Googled this yarn shop before showing up, the pictures on their website make it look a LOT bigger than it is. But the truth is, it’s smaller than you’re average corner shop- not to say it doesn’t pack a punch in its limited space!

To the left: fabrics. To the right: yarn. To the back: sewing workshop.

If you’re coming here to gaze at shelves and shelves full of yarn, you’d sadly be disappointed. Black Oveja stock their own brand of cotton and acrylic brands that are predominantly sold by the cone. The interior design feature these cones present is one not to be messed with, but the reality is that the acrylics all feel a bit scratchy, and the eco-warrior within me is trying to cut down on plastic. So on the shelf they stayed…

However, there is a great selection of fabrics and some of the prints are utterly adorable! I bought this super cute fox print and this purple number also made its way to the checkout before I knew what I was going to do with it. I’ve really taken to buying fabric even though my sewing skills are still a bit sketchy!

The store offers several different workshops that can be booked online. They’re held in the dedicated space at the back of the store which is beautifully set up with tables and sewing machines in their own little quilted covers. This shop is full of so much charm!

It’s got a very ikea-esque Scandinavian feel to the interior, a nice warming contrast against the now cold rainy weather that happened to grace my Spanish presence, but I couldn’t spend long shopping here. There was a distinct lack of any kind of tool, be it a hook or knitting needle, and the shop looked predominantly geared to being a fabric store rather than the as-advertised yarn paradise.

But I did buy this amazing corn fibre yarn! It’s so soft and squishy!

Spanish wasn’t a hurdle to overcome at this store as the owner spoke a little English and happened to stock a few English craft books. Oddly enough, there were more Japanese pattern books than anything and it was fun to flick through them for a few minutes.

Overall, my stop at the Black Oveja was short and pleasant, but I wouldn’t make it my number 1 stop for yarn- especially when Madrid has so much more to offer.



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