Schachenmayr Catania Grande Where have you been all my life?

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Cotton can be difficult. The strands split, the colour can be a bit uneven, and don’t even get me started on knots. I thought I’d never find a good quality cotton yarn… until I discovered Schachenmayr Catania Grande!

Schachenmayr, the yarn brand only Germans can pronounce since 1822.

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This Worsted-weight cotton beauty comes in 36 vibrant colours with a great sheen- meaning it glides through your fingers and has a little shine to it. It splits, like all cotton yarn, but not as much. It’s honestly such a delight to use.

A 50g ball does disappear quickly, and these babies ain’t cheap. You can expect to spend between £3-£6 per 50g, and when the average consumption for a sweater is around 750g, gold might come cheaper…

But good quality costs. And good quality is definitely what you’re getting. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed using a yarn more.

It passes my machine washing test (40 degrees is safe!) and I believe it to be a super durable yarn in the long run. It’s mercerised so looks shiny and at least appears stronger so I’m hoping it’s not my yarn playing tricks on me. It didn’t split easily while I was working with it, and I found one knot in 9 balls- these are odds I like!

The variety of shades is absolutely stunning- my favourites being Dahlie and Reseda- if you can get your mitts on them! Stockists seem to have the ‘common’ colours- the whites, creams and blacks- but your varying shades of the rainbow get snatched up before you can begin to say “Schachenmayr”.

I’ll definitely be using this brand again. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of in a cotton worsted-weight yarn. I’m hoping the rest of the Catania range lives up to the hype of the Schachenmayr Catania Grande!


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