Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake… no rhyme, no rhythm.

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Every time A and I stopped on our amazing 7,000ish mile roadtrip round the US, I made sure to locate somewhere I could find some yarny goodness. Being around the Labor Day holiday meant there were sales everywhere, and Michaels and JoAnns we’re discounting yarn as far as the eye could see. The first Lion Brand Shawl in a Cake appeared in my shopping basket in Albuquerque and another one followed it in Flagstaff.

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The colours were just too much to resist… and red-tagged to $4 a cake, these were an absolute steal! I got cakes of Lotus Blossom, Crown Jewels, Wind Chimes and Unique Unicorn.

It’s difficult to write Shawl in a Cake and not Shawl in a Ball. I miss the rhyme! But Lion Brand have expanded on their current popular Shawl in Ball and made an easy middle-pull cake and named it Shawl in a Cake!

I was so excited to use my new yarns that pretty much as soon as my feet touched British soil I was hooking up a storm…

And how disappointed I was.

This yarn is awful. I really tried to like it. I really did. But this yarn is truly the worst I have ever worked with. I even tried knitting it after crocheting failed!

It’s badly spun. You get massive fluffy chunks and then some really stringy bits where there is literally NO yarn and just the white cotton that the fibre clings to as its being spun.

It breaks really easily because of this, and what I made was on the verge of snapping when I was pinning it to the blocking board.

The colour is heavenly. That’s why I bought it, and the price was an added bonus. But I really wish I hadn’t wasted those few dollars now on this absolute crap. I’m in love with the rich colours, but that’s where it stops, because as soon as you start hooking and that whiteness starts to come through- it ruins the effect.

You can’t frog it back because it sticks to itself, that if you drop the ball on the floor (like I did), good luck unravelling it. I’ve NEVER thrown yarn away, but as soon I was done with my project, this cobweb met the bin faster than you could say “waste of money”.

Sorry folks, this probably makes it onto my Most Hated yarn list (and that list isn’t very long!)


What are your thoughts on Lion Brands Shawl in a Cake? Rate or hate? Let me know in the comments below!


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