Big Hearts for Red Heart It’s a Wrap Rainbow

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Anything with an ombré colour way is usually enough to steal my heart. When I stumbled across the pattern for the Zen Garden Shawl by the Purple Poncho, I was hooked on the beautiful pinks and purples of the Red Heart It’s a Wrap yarn and I knew I needed to have it…

So the colours are fabulous is the first point I’ve already made. The pigments are so intense and vivid I’m honestly putty in Red Hearts hands when I see the amazing colour choice that the Red Heart It’s a Wrap selection has to offer. Just look at the mesmerising colour changes in my completed shawl:

That’s the other thing. Being called It’s a Wrap means that there’s just enough yarn to make a whole shawl/wrap out of one ball- around 1000meters ish. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised when my shawl was finished and I still had a little bit left over!

There are two varieties of the It’s a Wrap yarn- Rainbow or ordinary. Rainbow has a few more colour transitions than the 3 within the ordinary yarn- so if you’re looking for something a little more “out there” then the Rainbow will have all your boxes ticked.

Rainbow comes in 8 different kaleidoscopic colours and the ordinary comes in a further 7.

Something to note though with the colour changes: this yarn is unspun, which basically means you’re working with 4 thread-like strands throughout. Not only does this mean that you’re far more likely to keep “splitting” the yarn, but where the colour changes start, you might find either a knot or some “excess”.

For me the knots are microscopic and could be hidden under another stitch, but the excess threads in some places meant I got some “loops” as I worked – and they’re a lot harder to hide. Honestly this is probably the only negative I could find with this yarn.

It’s a super fine weight cotton-acrylic blend which means it’s super drapey and the perfect material for a lightweight summer shawl. Can I show mine off again yet?

It retails between £15-£20 for 200g, so while it might seem the more pricey range for an acrylic-blended yarn, you do get an entire shawl out of it and the quality is unrivalled. The stitch definition is out of this world and I would love a whole supply of this yarn!

Red Heart It’s a Wrap is now fairly easy to come by in the UK- which means I won’t be stocking my suitcase full of it when I head to the US next week- and most large online retailers stock it. I recommend everyone gives it a go!

Oh, and my favourite part, if you read my post about Paintbox Simply Aran, you’ll know I love my washing machine- and yes, this yarn passes the washing machine test!

Definitely ordering more!

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