9 Cute Crochet Accessories you should definitely have!

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Spread of crochet accessories including hand cream hooks caddy notebook stitch markers

I’m a self-confessed crochet-a-holic, and with that confession comes great responsibility! I am always on the look out for cute crochet accessories that make me squeal more than when I’m squishing yarn! And now I get to share my list of favourites with you!

PS- this list is both crocheter- AND knitter-friendly!

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#1 – Glitter Storage Caddy

This craft caddy ticks off two boxes for me: its sparkly AND its pink. I picked it up at Hobbycraft for a steal at just £6. I love it so much that I got another for A’s mum for Mother’s Day. It has so must storage, which means my odds-and-sods are finally all in one place. I am so glad I got this pocket-money find!

Get yours at Hobbycraft here.

#2 – Big-Eye Yarn Needles

I honestly don’t know where I’d be without these yarn needles. They make sewing in a breeze! I remember my first crochet project and I had about 10,000 ends to sew in and I was trying to do it with a normal metal sewing needle. My fingers were on FIRE by the end of it. Until I discovered these finger-saving large-eyed needles from Knit Pro.

I am honestly never going back to normal needles again.

Get yours here.

#3 – Stork Embroidery Scissors

I’d been eyeing up pretty scissors since day one. A is pretty strict on scissors having specific uses, and he nearly had a heart attack when he saw me using meat scissors for cutting off yarn ends! I now have these golden stork scissors (and they work as a great photo prop too!) Mine are rose gold but they also come in plain yellow gold too! A couldn’t be happier!

Get yours at Hobbycraft here.

#4 – A gorgeous Sewing Bag

My last job meant I worked away from home A LOT, and if you’ve seen my Insta, then you’ll know that I also have a penchant for travel. The biggest killer of my crochet project is that somehow as soon as a flight is involved, my yarn is tangled beyond repair as it shifts around my suitcase with my clothes- and god help me if there’s any velcro fasteners in my bag: game over.

This fox-print bag is perfect for my WIPs. I can throw them in last-minute and I know they’ll be safe until I get where I need to be. I like that its soft so its okay if it ends up crushed because at least I won’t be dealing with tangles and knots.

My fox one isn’t available anymore, but check out these more-than-suitable replacements!

#5 – Adorable Stitch Markers

My friend Jane, who introduced me to all things crochet, got me a beautiful set of stitch markers for my birthday last year. They’re biscuity and delicious and I definitely underestimated how often I’d need a stitch marker.

While you can’t get the special custom set that Jane got me, I have found a scrummy Afternoon Tea inspired set that is just as beautiful…. and I might have to add it to my own stash of adorable markers! Find them here.

I’ve also been eyeing up some other stitch markers by WhatMustardMade – take a look at some more beauties here!

#6 – Crochet Hook Roll

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be drowning in crochet hooks before you know it. All sizes, all brands, plastic ones, metal ones, magazine-freebie ones, and you’ll look around one day and realise that the DISORGANISATION MUST STOP!

Welcome Crochet Hook Roll, how I never knew I needed you!

There’s a lot of Etsy sellers offering these online, albeit under a different name. You might find them called a ‘Colouring Pencil Roll’ or ‘Crayon Roll’. I picked up this kittycat one and adore it!

I’ve picked out a few favourites for you to check out…

#7 A yummy Yarn Bowl

Yarn dragging on the floor? Crocheting in cat fluff as you go because Fluffy wouldn’t let go of your ball? Yarn bowl to the rescue.
Practical, functional and fashionable. My uncle handmade this one for me, but Etsy is full of wonderfully similar ones too!

I’ve picked out a couple here for you to peruse at your leisure.

#8 – Hand Cream

This is one I definitely swear by. Our hands are the vessels that carry out our creative vision. Look after them! I’m very fortunate that in the past year, A’s mum has bought me enough hand cream that my hands will probably always be moisturised (Thank God because I suffer with dry hands and cuticles all the time!)

Here are some of my favourites…

What’s on your cute crochet shopping list? I’d love to see what awesome accessories you’re rocking in your WIP-bag! Post below and show me your favourites!


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