They Always Get me with the Free Delivery…

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My yarn ban beat me. I was 5 months in almost and somehow Deramores’ Bank Holiday Sale got to me…

*cover photo is credit to @MurphyMadeCrochet on Instagram.

Well, it did and it didn’t. I was recently gifted a pattern on Ravelry for the Ripple Buttshorts by Jessie Maed, and her other pattern for her My Little Secret Crop and I just knew I wanted a matching set.

Being May, and it being warm, I surveyed my stash to see that I had no suitable fibre that wouldn’t have me sweating after 5 minutes wear, so I headed over to the Deramores website, if anything just to window shop.

I’m one of these people who likes adding things to their shopping basket and never completing- I get the satisfaction of “shopping” without ever actually spending any money.

So my window shopping was complete, a few balls of Stylecraft Special DK that I’m running low on for the Greenwich CAL, and 10 balls of Yorkshire Spinners Bluefaced Leicester Aran for my co-ord set.

Deep breath. Close window. Walk away.

But then.


I started to scroll through Instagram (as I often do on a Saturday night in lockdown) and came across @murphymadecrochet and her AMAZING test version of the Beauty Beaded Cardigan by Journey Chanel Designs and realised I NEEDED IT.

The colour she chose, that incredible pinky purply unicorny dreamy combo, against the antique brass beads made me salivate.

A glance back at the stash made me realise I have WAY too much acrylic than I know what to do with, so this time some Merino yarn from King Cole snuck into my basket after I guesstimated the quantity I’d need. Fingers crossed I have the quantity right because I hate paying for postage and it’s free if you spend £25. So if I’m short of a ball…. that’ll be another ban broken.

So this, fair readers, is the story of how I broke my yarn ban. Two/three patterns sucked me in, and I opened my purse to the yarn gods. Deramores own me.

Ps- I had a £10 voucher so I feel £10 less guilty…

Do you think I can make it until at least Christmas this time before I buy more yarn? I think I had a good run…

  • Julie Jules


    Discount + voucher + free postage = winning! Nice way to break your yarn ban. Good luck making it to Christmas!

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