The 3 Knitting Patterns that made me want to Knit!

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It’s not often that I’d save knitting patterns to my favourites list on Ravelry, but just occasionally there’d be something that would catch my eye that I never wanted to forget…

If you’re a regular blog-reader you’ll know that I recently learnt how to knit continental-style from Sarah (@thispsychoknits) who works at The Knitting Corner. But it’s these 3 patterns that motivated me to set aside my crochet hooks for a little while in place of knitting needles.

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#1 – The Knit Fit Dress by The Knit Diaries

The Knit Fit Dress by the Knit Diaries

If you’ve caught up with my knitting saga, you’ll know that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this pattern by The Knit Diaries. After seeing it on @the_discrete_unicorn‘s Instafeed, I knew I needed it in my life.

This was the main inspiration for picking up the needles, although I know I’m ages away from completing this knitting pattern anytime soon. Just look how amazingly figure-hugging this little number is!

Did I mention it comes with options too? Crop-top-and-skirt-combo or as a one-piece dress! Wonderful!

Get the pattern here.

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#2 – Wingspan by Kyle Vey

Wingspan by Kyle Vey

While the Knit Fit Dress is something I feel is “achievable” for me in the next year as a newbie knitter, this knitting pattern had my jaw on the floor.

I came across this beautiful shawl when it was featured on Ravlery’s Hot Right Now list and I was honestly blown away by the shaping and colourwork involved in this gorgeous piece of, what I can only describe as, artwork.

The photos are stunning and this is definitely on my “One day I wish I could knit this” list.

And I’m not even that big of a lover of shawls!!!

Get the pattern here.

#3 – Shifty by Andrea Mowry

Shifty by Andrea Mowry

I love that this looks like a wearable mosaic. It looks like it would be interesting to knit and challenging and not repetitive in the slightest- which are things that I look for in any kind of pattern!

I love that this pattern can transform colours that can sometimes be seen as dull: browns, beiges and khakis, and turned them into something so exciting. This pattern makes me excited to knit and is definitely on my to-do list!

Get the pattern here.

It didn’t take a lot for me to become enthralled by the mysterious art of knitting and these knitting patterns are definitely something for me to work towards.

Have you got any patterns you think I should know about? Share them below!

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