Sweater Weather! 10 of my favourite crochet Sweater Patterns

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Ah, Autumn. Finally the leaves are falling off trees, the wind is a little chillier and the days are getting shorter. The multitude of autumnal meteorologic wonders can only be described, in short, as SWEATER WEATHER!!! So to celebrate this cooler climate, I present 10 of my favourite crochet Sweater Patterns.

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#1 – Pucker Pullover Sweater by Sewrella

Its no secret that I love Sewrella’s patterns. She’s the author of my first ever knitted garment and I love how simple all of her tutorials and patterns are. While this sweater is definitely more of a transitional piece, the open-work stitch pattern caters to layering up or down depending on how hard the cold snaps hit where you are.

Find the pattern here.

#2 – Sensum Sweater by Eleven Handmade

A bulkier crocheted sweater, this one you could whip up in no time at all, and it promises to keep you toasty and snug all autumn long! I love the muted pastel colouring of the one above, but I can also see it being worked up in a whole host of jewel-tones for an amazing statement piece.

Find the pattern here.

#3 – The Cobblestone Raglan by EvolveCrochet

How utterly exquisite does this sweater look? You can see why its called the Cobblestone Raglan thanks to the amazing snuggly stitching used throughout which gives it a nice cobblestone texture. The best part? This sweater is completely no-sew!

Find the pattern here.

#4 – Scandi Jumper by Fran Morgan

A sweater… with a hood? YES PLEASE! Go from indoor to outdoor in one swift motion, you’ll quickly be wondering why all sweaters don’t come with hoods. A bit of tapestry/fair-isle-esque colourwork makes this sweater bang on trend too.

Find the pattern here.

#5 – Rebecca by Gala Zarubina

Speaking of fair isle… look at this magnificent colourwork wonder. Looks like knitting right? But no, this is a wonderful crochet pattern from the talented Gala Zarubina. This sweater pattern even includes a photo tutorial so if you’re ambitious enough- get cracking!

Find the pattern here.

#6 – Birds of a Feather by Simone Francis

The hint of colour in this beautiful sweater make it so eye-catching. Inspired by peacock feathers, this beauty should be a staple in every crocheters wardrobe.

Find the pattern here.

#7 – Daria Sweater by Elena Fedotova

The sleeves on this sweater are such a delight. A no-sew wonder that’s sure to catch an eye or two. Whip it up in your favourite DK yarn in no time. Its completely adjustable to fit every size!

Find the pattern here.

#8 – Julia Peplum Sweater by Grace ForTheFrills

I’m no stranger to Grace’s patterns, having recently completed her Forget Me Not Top, so I know how beautifully simple they are for the novice crocheter. It also comes with a video tutorial so there’s no reason to not make this sweater this season!

Find the pattern here.

#9 – Dragonscale Sweater by Simone Francis

When I think ‘entrelac’, I always think ‘dragonscales’ too. And I’m glad I’m not the only one! If you’re intimidated by entrelac crochet, this is a great piece to get you started as all the work is done at the beginning, and then you can relax into seamless rounds of mindful, repetitive crochet.

Find the pattern here.

#10 – Gansey Sweater by Natasha Robarge

From entrelac straight to cables- I love how many sweater designs there are out there! This one definitely packs a punch and is perfectly suited to the more ambitious crocheters out there. Its on my to-do list and its easy to see why. This sweater is amazing. The ribbing, the cables, the texture- its a one stop fits all!

Find the pattern here.

What’s top of your list to make for yourself this autumn? Christmas gift-making might be in full swing, but don’t forget yourself. Maybe one of my top 10 of my favourite crochet Sweater Patterns will jump into your WIP bag?


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