My Stash-Busting Mandala Madness – The colours I used

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Mandala madness by Helen Shrimpton resting on stripy hammock

I promised A that I wouldn’t buy anymore yarn until I had emptied MOST of the 3 XL vacuum bags I had full of various yarns I had collected over the past 2 years. At last count I had over 250 balls! With that, I decided to start my Mandala Madness (by Helen Shrimpton).

You might have spotted my Mandala Madness on Instagram or Ravelry and thought- “Hmm… I like that colour combination!” So I thought it was only fair that I let you know which yarns I used and when.

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Here’s a list of the yarns I have busted from my stash:

(I will update this list as my Mandala grows)

1, 2, 3Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
4,5Paintbox Simply Aran – Blush Pink (253)
6Paintbox Simply Aran – Pistachio Green (224)
7, 8Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
9, 10Paintbox Simply Aran – Vanilla Cream (207)
11,12Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
13, 14Paintbox Simply Aran – Ballet Pink (252)
15Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
16Paintbox Simply Aran – Ballet Pink (252)
17, 18Green DK Yarn Scrap (held double) sub: Poundland DK Yarn
– Pale Aqua
(held double)
19, 20, 21Poundland DK Yarn – Blue Azul (held double)
22Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232)
23, 24Paintbox Simply Aran – Pistachio Green (224)
25, 26Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232) and
Pistachio Green (224)
27, 28Paintbox Simply Aran – Pistachio Green (224)
29Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232)
30Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
31Paintbox Simply Aran – Pistachio Green (224)
32Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
33Paintbox Simply Aran – Pistachio Green (224)
34Paintbox Simply Aran – Banana Cream (220)
35, 36Poundland DK Yarn – Blue Azul (held double)
37, 38Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232)
39Poundland DK Yarn – Blue Azul (held double)
40Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232)
41, 42Poundland DK Yarn – Blue Azul and Scheepjes Twinkle (919)
(held together)
43, 44, 45Paintbox Simply Aran – Washed Teal (232)
46Poundland DK Yarn – Blue Azul and Scheepjes Twinkle (919)
(held together)
47, 48Paintbox Simply Aran – Ballet Pink (252)
49Paintbox Simply Aran – Blush Pink (253)
50, 51, 52Paintbox Simply Aran – Candyfloss Pink (249)


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