Greenwich Mystery CAL – April

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Spring is in the air! With that the fields are full of baby lambs, bunnies and more! The supermarket shelves are stocked high*** with chocolatey goodies. And the blog? Stocked with your latest instalment of the Greenwich Mystery CAL… with a spring-tacular theme!

*** so I definitely started drafting this post pre-the madness that is coronavirus. But I’m keeping it here because one day in the future we’ll actually be able to see those supermarket shelves again (for those of us isolating) even though they are always full (because panic buying couldn’t beat robust supply chains)

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Please read the CAL information here (if you haven’t already) to get all the information you need about the mystery pattern.

Anyway, to brighten up the situation… this time last year I used to commute 2 hours each direction to work. What was I thinking, right? The only thing that made me happy on that commute was that as I drove down the motorway, there were fields of sheep alongside me, and then those sheep had lambs, and then every day I’d get to see how those little lambs grew. It was so heartwarming that this was something I got to see every day.

So April for me symbolises new life, be that lambs, chicks, bunny rabbits, etc. While it may also be the month that Easter falls into in 2020, for me it’s so much more…

April Bunny Rabbit

Big Thank you to Niki who helped by making this panel for me to show you while I was trapped in Poland without my yarn. I’ll make my panel and post soon!

You will need:


Once finished, attach a pink (Fondant) nose of your choice. It can be a Pom Pom (as in Niki’s example), a French knot, etc. etc. The possibilities are endless!

Again, most questions will be answered here so please read the CAL information here before starting. Every question that gets asked will be added to this document so that everyone can benefit.

Wishing everyone good health in these strange times. I hope the April Bunny makes a welcome addition to your WIP stash!


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