Get a Serotonin Boost: 10 Crochet Patterns for Optimum Happy!

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Yarn and Crochet Hook

My boyfriend will tell you how antsy I get when I haven’t crocheted in a while. Sometimes its the only thing that will settle my mind when its creeping. The beauty of repetitive crochet patterns is that they help release more serotonin into the body thanks to the repetitive movement of crochet. As you might know, serotonin improves mood and sense of calmness, helping with depression and anxiety. It also helps to decrease heart problems like heart attacks and strokes, reduces periods of insomnia and headaches.

Finally, an excuse for my yarn-addiction!

So lets get crocheting! This is a celebration of the repetitive! Here are my Top 10 Patterns to help boost serotonin levels.

Attic24 Granny Stripe Blanket Crochet

#1 – “Granny Stripes” by Lucy of Attic24

This is a beautifully simple, yet elegant blanket, with the added bonus of being awesome at getting rid of all those various yarn scraps you might have lying around from projects passed. If you’re anything like me, you have a ton of scraps lying around and it can really play on your mind. I HATE “yarn clutter” and it really stresses me when my yarn cupboard is cluttered and spills out to the outside world… Find the pattern here.

Celeste Young Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket Crochet

#2 – “Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket” by Celeste Young

If you’ve ever wanted to try something a little trickier, then a 12 point star blanket is for you! Essentially this blanket is made up of UK treble/US double crochets and chains but requires a LOT of counting stitches- which makes it perfect for a wandering mind. These work wonderfully in a variegated yarn too- so no pesky ends to weave in! Find the pattern here.

Rainbow Sampler Blanket Crochet Kirsten Ballering

#3 – “Rainbow Sampler Blanket” by Kirsten Ballering

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then this sampler blanket is perfect for you! Once again, its a great stash buster and can be adapted to any weight yarn. Its also repetitive, without being too repetitive, as the lines alternate with a diference stitch on most lines- a little bit of added concentration required! Find the pattern here.

Straight Up Easy Vertical Stripes Crochet Pattern HeartHookHome

#4 – “Straight Up Easy Vertical Stripes Sweater” by HeartHookHome

Moving away from the blanket department, Ashlea Konecny has designed a wonderfully simple sweater using the Lemon Peel stitch. This UK double/treble alternation (US single/double) makes for a wonderful pattern that looks killer when using a mandala yarn. I just love the stripes! This is especially well written for those that have never made a piece of clothing before and are looking at getting started with something easy. Find the pattern here.

Taylor Lynn Crochet Essentially Fall Crochet Sweater

#5 – “Essentially Fall Crochet Cardigan” by Taylor Lynn Crochet

How about this unique spin on the classic Granny Square? As well as looking super comfortable, this is also a brilliant way of wearing a repetitive pattern. Not only will your mind be focused on creating this beautiful square, but there’s also the added focus of sleeves! Find the pattern here.

Amma Granny Square Top by Maria Valles

#6 – “Amma Granny Square Top” by Maria Valles

I must admit, I love the versatility of the Granny square and how it can be worn in so many ways. These giant ones too mean there’s barely any sewing in of ends too! Tried and tested, I could make this with my eyes closed. Genuinely, the hardest part was sourcing the same beautiful Icelandic wool Maria used! Find the pattern here.

Crazy Easy Kid Legwarmers Crochet

#7 – “Crazy Easy Kid Legwarmers” by Caitlin Walker

Having made 3 pairs of these beauties, I can tell you how easy it is to switch your mind of and just focus on these legwarmers. Once you’ve done the ribbing, its just UK half double crochet (US half treble crochet) all the way down. The best bit is- these can be adapted to fit any leg size AND they’re great stash busters (ask my niece, she’s had 3 pairs of Mandala cast-offs!) Find the pattern here.

Annalies Baes Vicarno Lisa Sweater

#8 – “Lisa Sweater” by Annelies Baes

Just two panels make up this gorgeous sweater by Annelies Baes of Vicarno. Beautifully elegant with the simplest of stitches. All you need to know is how to crochet into the back loop. Perfect for this autumn weather. Find the pattern here .

Daydreamer Wrap Hooked on Homemade Crochet

#9 – “Daydreamer Wrap” by Breann Mauldin

Would any countdown be complete without a shawl?! This gorgeous wrap uses only 3 stitches + a chain and achieves such a beautiful understated texture that you’ll be glad you started this (when you finish!). Keep your mind counting. Find the pattern here.

Daisy Mae Bag by KnitToo

#10 – “Daisy Mae Crochet Bag” by Crochet365 KnitToo

Last, but definitely not least, is this beautiful number! If you love a repeating pattern, this one becomes super easy after you’ve mastered the first square. Those passionate about weaving in ends and sewing will also love to get their needle stuck into this! 17 squares make up this pattern. So grab that hook and relax while repeating. Find the pattern here.

So that’s it! My round up of repeating patterns to help boost serotonin levels! While the weather outside may be miserable, I hope these patterns can help you combat some of the oncoming Winter Blues. Make sure to tag #lovealyuk or tag me in your Instagram posts on @lovealyuk so I can see your wonderful makes. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for all the latest updates. Stay positive!

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