FREE PATTERN – Cambridge Velvet Shorts

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Cambridge Velvet Shorts - FREE Pattern

Watching the annual Cambridge vs. Oxford Boat Race this year, I was stunned to see the usual Light-Blue-sporting Cambridge, adorned in a spot of blue’s more seafaring-cousin, teal.

A has been back to the US this month, and when asked what souvenir I wanted (or more me telling him that he must bring me back a souvenir in return for the hardship I’ve had to endure being home alone for a week without him), of course I asked for yarn. In particular Bernat Baby Velvet- because, squish!

Bernat Baby Velvet comes in some beautiful soft shades, so naturally it was a hard choice to choose which colours I should overload A’s luggage with. Luckily, I chose Tiny Teal among the rainbow fray and it was just calling out to be made into a teeny tiny pair of skimpy shorts that would hug my derriere with their velvety snugness.

As luck would have it, a few weeks later I was lucky enough to visit Cambridge and this WIP came along with me- and so, the Cambridge Velvet Shorts were born. As a sort of homage to the 2019 winners!

You will need:

  • 6mm crochet hook (I use a KnitPro Waves hook which you can get here)
  • 230g of Bernat Baby Velvet in ‘Tiny Teal’ (or any Aran/Worsted/10-12ply yarn) This is about 370-410 yards depending on how long you choose to make your body/leg holes.
  • Yarn Needle (These with big loops for eyes are amazing and make sewing in a breeze!)
  • Elastic 2 inches shorter than your waist size.

Deramores Yarn for Crochet

This pattern is written in UK terms.
Beginning CH at start of each row doesn’t count as a stitch.
Pattern can be adapted by chaining any multiple of 2. (For the start of the second leghole: Divide the number of starting chains by 2 then add 1.)
This pattern is written to accommodate a waist size of 31” but the waist size can be adjusted slightly by tying the elastic shorter.

DC = double crochet (UK) (US = single crochet)
TC = treble crochet (UK) (US = double crochet)
CH = chain
ST = stitch
SLST = slipstitch

4 stitches and 3 rows in 4″ (DC, TC) repeat.

Chain 120.

Row 1: DC in 2nd ch from hook. DC in each stitch across. Join to top of first DC with a SLST to form a loop (120)
Row 2: Measure elastic 2-3″ shorter than circumference of waist. I measured this by wrapping the elastic around my waist so it sat snugly and wasn’t slack, but would give me a comfortable stretch (and give me much-needed expansion space after having a curry!) CH1, DC around elastic into same space and around elastic into each ST around. (120)
Rows 3-8: Repeat Row 2.

Deramores Yarn for Crochet

Main Body
Row 9: CH3, TC into same ST, DC into next ST, (TC into next ST, DC into next ST) repeat to end, ending on DC. Join to first ST with SLST (120)
Row 10: CH1, DC into same ST, TC into next ST, (DC into next ST, TC into next ST) repeat to end, ending on TC. Join to first ST with SLST (120)
Rows 11-22: Alternate Rows 9 and 10, ending on a Row 9 repeat.

Cambridge Velvet Shorts by Love, Aly

Leg Holes
Row 23a: CH1, DC into same ST, TC into next ST, (DC into next ST, TC into next ST) repeat 28 times (60) join to first ST.
Row 24a: CH1, DC into same ST. DC into every ST around. SLST to first stitch and fasten off. (60)

Row 23b: Starting in the 61st ST around, repeat Row 23a, joining into first ST (60).
Row 24b: Repeat Row 24b. Fasten off (60).

Sew in the gap between the leg holes and any remaining ends and voila! You now have a super-snuggly pair of shorts!
These are great for lounging around the house or wearing as pyjama shorts – so easy to make and so comfortable!

Deramores Yarn for Crochet

I’d love to see your creations! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @lovealyuk or hashtag #lovealyuk for a chance for your project to get mentioned!


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