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Cat lover in your life that you’re struggling to make a gift for? Have they got an abundance of hats and socks and generally too many cat-themed things? I’ve got you covered, although one can never have too many cat-themed things. Here’s the free crochet pattern for the Kit Cat Door Stop which you can whip up in no time at all!

Beginners fear not! This little Amigurumi cat-beast is simply a potato with ears and a tail. It’s the easiest amigurumi you’ll ever make- and probably one of the cutest. Try giving him a judgemental face- in honour of all cats out there!

I named my completed Kit Cat Christian the Cat. Well, he was a Christmas gift after all..

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You will need:

  • 150g Bernat Baby Yarn I used Lemon Lime
  • 8mm hook (I use a KnitPro Waves hook which you can get here)
  • 1kg bag of rice, or lentils, or anything to weight your doorstop down but not enough to fill it.
  • Toy stuffing
  • 2 Safety Eyes
  • Black yarn or thread – for the face!


This pattern is written in UK terms with US terms given in the Abbreviations section below.


St= stitch

Sts = stitches

DC = double crochet (US = single crochet)

DC2tog = double crochet decrease two together (US = single crochet decrease two together)

Slst = Slipstitch



Make a magic circle. (Alternatively ch3 and SlSt to first ch to join)

Round 1: 6DC in circle.

Round 2: 2DC in each st around (12)

Round 3: [2DC in st, 1DC in next st] repeat around (18)

Round 4: [2DC in st, DC in next 2 sts] repeat around (24)

Round 5: [2DC in st, DC in next 3 sts] repeat around (30)

Round 6: [2DC in st, DC in next 4 sts] repeat around (36)

Round 7: [2DC in st, DC in next 5 sts] repeat around (42)

Round 8: [2DC in st, DC in next 6 sts] repeat around (48)

Rounds 9- 18: DC in every st around (48)

Round 19: [DC2tog, DC in next 6sts] repeat around (42)

Rounds 20-22: DC in every st around (42)

Round 23: [DC2tog, DC in next 5 sts] repeat around (36)

Rounds 24-30: DC in every st around (36)

Now comes the ear-shaping. Here you will split the head into 3 circles as illustrated by the diagram below:

SlSt everything from between the red lines together. All 6 sts will have a matching pair on the opposite side. This will join the head and leave 2 holes behind. These will be your ears.

Round E31: On the side you finish on, DC all the way around and continue in a spiral.

Round E32: DC in every st around Ear #1.

Round E33: DC2tog in every st around (6)

Round E34: DC2tog in every st around (3)

Fasten off and use tail to sew tip of ear.

Fill shape with rice, lentils or anything to weight it down. Then fill remainder with toy stuffing. I put my rice in without anything around it and found the blanket yarn kept it inside without any spillages but this is personal preference.

For other ear, rejoin yarn to first st of opposite hole and repeat rounds E31-E34.

Fasten off and use tail to sew tip of ear.


Round 1: 6DC in circle.

Round 2: 2DC in each st around (12)

Rounds 3 – onwards: DC in each st around until tail is required height.

Fasten off leaving a long tail. Stuff tail with toy stuffing.

Using the long tail, sew the tail to just above the base of the cat.

To secure the tail to the side of the cat so it stands up, simply sew 2 stitches along the side of the tail to the side of the body.

Stitch on your cat’s facial expression using black thread. Add safety eyes or stitch the eyes on with the same thread.

I’d love to see your Kit Cat Doorstop and hear what you’ve named them! Make sure to tag me on Instagram @lovealyuk or hashtag #lovealyuk for a chance for your project to get mentioned!

Written patterns, tutorials, graphs and pdfs of the Kit Cat Doorstop are copyright Please do not repost or reprint this content as your own, but please feel free to share this link with others. You can find more information on sharing my work with others in the Terms and Conditions page.


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