10 Great Mother’s Day Gifts for Mum this Year!

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner (at least in the UK) I’ve compiled a list of my favourite accessories you can make your mummy, step-mummy, or even yourself. They range in easy to complicated, so which us folk in the UK might only have a couple of weeks in which to get hooking, everyone else around the world can take their time stitching away until May.

Ah, Mother’s Day. The only other time of year that rivals Valentine’s Day in terms of finding a free table at a restaurant. This year I was meant to spend Mother’s Day a part from my mother, in Venice, but Coronavirus had other ideas… so Sunday will be spent with Mum.

My mother will be the first to admit that she’s not the utmost lover of crochet, and I get that its an acquired taste, but I’ve listed some patterns below that I believe will convert any mother (even mine) to the crochet lifestyle.

#1 – Carina Mosaic Shawl by Sylwia Krawczynska

Mosiac crochet is all the rage right now, and if you’ve got a few weeks spare, this would be the perfect addition to mums wardrobe. How cute do the tassels look? Mix it up with an ombre yarn in the middle to give it more depth and you’ve definitely got a winner on your hands.

Find the pattern here.

#2 – Fingerless Granny Square Mitts by Lullaby Melodia

It’s no lie that even in March the UK is COLD. And with the warm winter we’ve just had, I’m expecting snow in March. Keep mum’s hands warm while she’s out and about with these adorable fingerless gloves, which means mum can still operate her smart phone, shopping trolley and car, while keeping her hands toasty.

Find the pattern here.

#3 – Uptown Poncho by CrochetDreamz

Classy, yet simple. A poncho perfect to keep snug in, and cute to boot! The buttons make this super stylish and and the colour can easily be customised to mum’s tastes. If you’re a speedy hooker, this one could be whipped up in no time.

Find the pattern here.

#4 – Flower Shop by Maggie Weldon

Wilt-free, long-lasting flowers? I’ve got you covered. If seasonal allergies get your mum’s nose running, then how about these adorable flowers. They’re a great way of using up your scraps and will remain a permanent decorative fixture in your mum’s house for years to come. Plus, its a gift that keeps on giving, as you can add to the bunch year after year!

Find the pattern here.

#5 – Mother’s Day Bouquet Bookmark by Creating Time

If time isn’t on your side, but mum’s an avid reader, make sure she never loses her place again with this fantastic bookmark. Beginner-friendly and shouldn’t take more than an evening, customise this with all of mums favourite colours. Try stiffening it with either PVA glue or starch to make sure it lasts the test of time.

Find the pattern here.

#6 – Mother’s Day Spa Slippers by Annoo Crochet

If you’re feeling like challenging yourself a little, have a go at these slippers – just make sure you know mum’s shoe size in advance! To make sure they’re slip proof, glue dots on the bottom using either Sock Stop or a glue gun.

Find the pattern here.

#7 – Wine Bottle Bag by Melissa Hassler

If I was a mother, I’m pretty sure wine would be a staple. Make sure mum doesn’t go without this Mother’s Day and whip up this great reusable wine bag (and don’t forget the wine!)

Find the pattern here.

#8 – Earrings with Glass Beads by Gabriela Lupu

If you like small and slightly fiddly crochet, these are a quick make with a big impact. You’ll need some earring findings but aside from that, these should be easy enough for any crocheter to whip up in no time!

Find the pattern here.

#9 – Striped Necklace by Maria Isabel

A beginners dream accessory! Minimal work required to make this statement piece for mum. It uses just treble crochets and its so simple you could make it with your eyes closed.

Find the pattern here.

#10 – Sakura Face Scrubbies by K.A.M.E. Crochet

My mum loves her makeup, so its nice to make sure she’s got something to take it off with at the end of the day. These beauties can be made in a whole range of colours, and if you gift it with some coconut oil or makeup remover, it’ll ensure mums face is pampered- and because they’re reusable they’re great for an eco-conscious mum-warrior too!

Find the pattern here.

So whatever your mum’s style, I hope you can find a pattern here to make for her. Sending those of you with or without mum’s this year immense amount of love. Take care.


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