The Corona Diaries: Part II

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Day Two: the quarantine continues. But is it all bad?

Breakfast was still on at the hotel- so 9am to 12pm continued on as normal. I had waffles, they were adequate.

The restaurant was filled with Brits moaning about being stuck in Poland- most of them pensioners with nothing urgent to return home to. Sighing about being left in Kraków- one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. A bus came and collected them to take them to Germany to “escape” just to bring them back when they were refused entry at the border- gutted!

Restaurants are still doing takeaway, but it’s Sunday and most of Poland is shut on a Sunday anyway. The sun is shining- it’s a day for the mountains!

Zakopane is about an hour and a half south from Kraków- and the further south you go, the colder it gets. There was snow on the ground and not a soul in sight.

I took advantage of the sheer solitude to get A to take some photos of me and my last piece of crochet. My supplies are quickly diminishing and my favourite yarn store in Poland has declared closure. After these 4 balls I am helpless. The only place seeming to sell yarn is Carrefour- which remains open- but then that involves breaking my yarn ban!


We drove round winding roads, and found some cheese shops were still open and functioning- just the larger shops were abiding by the standard Sunday Shutdown. We bought some traditional cheese (oscypek) and snacked on some of our supplies before returning home via a KFC, where we were told to eat in the darkness where other customers couldn’t see us as there was supposed to be a ban on anyone eating inside restaurants (see Post #1 re: “mass gatherings”)

We were missing half our order so sat in obscurity waiting for our sweet corn before driving back to the hotel.

We hopped in the hot tub with a couple from London who were trying to figure out how to remote-work without a laptop, but we all quickly realised we were safest in Poland and why complain when you’re floating surrounded by bubbles?

Tomorrow we head to Warsaw, where we are booked in for the next 5 days. The hotel here in Kraków is closing tomorrow but the one in Warsaw remains open and we’ve confirmed that we’re still welcome. We have a contingency plan if anything starts to go south, but so far the pandemic panic in Poland has just led to everyone isolating at home. Shelves at supermarkets are still full, and supermarkets have promised not to close.

An apartment for a week is around £100, and our travel insurance have already said that pandemics aren’t covered, so we can either fork out for a one-way rental car to come home, or just cook for ourselves in an apartment in Poland… inconvenient, but I think we’ll be okay.



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