October 2019 – Where are you going?

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This whole year has been mental. I feel like last Christmas I blinked and now here I am- October 2019 is over half way done and I’m trying to remember what I’ve done…

But of course, this spooky month has seen the release of my Candy Cane Headband and Bag duo. As well as a surprise release of my one-piece Black Cat Hat. So maybe because I’ve been so busy, the month is just disappearing from me?

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This year I’ve decided to do a “Handmade Christmas”, for the most part at least, and everyone I’m gifting to will have at least one handmade item under the tree this year. I’ve finally gotten over my fear of hats, and am in the middle of testing two new patterns for the Harajuku Hat and Orlando Hat which will hopefully go live in the first week of November and hopefully make some of my friends very happy!

Between all the crochet hats I plan on whipping up, I’ve also just started on a garter stitch scarf (because garter stitch is definitely still my only friend when it comes to knitting), after semi-successfully finishing my knitted Lagoon top. Who knew seaming in knitting would be so difficult?!

Also, I can only handle one knitting project at a time! At least that will keep my WIPs in check!

I definitely didn’t think I’d be starting Christmas gifts in October, but with what I’ve planned to bite off, the earlier start-the better. I’ve finished two toddler-sized blankets and a colour pooling scarf which I plan on releasing early next month with a video tutorial – provided my nails grow back after I anxiously chewed them off trying to balance work, home and crochet.

I started a new job at the start of this month and I am absolutely loving it. I work from home, which means A and I get to spend even more time together, but I also have time for some self-care. I no longer have to run out the door in fear of being late to work without having properly looked after myself- and by that I mean that I can now cleanse, exfoliate and tone my face, I don’t need to put on makeup, I can get a cup of coffee and I don’t have the stress of sitting in traffic. Life is slowly coming up Aly!

Speaking of A, it was his birthday this month too, and although he was working away, we spent the morning together over a bacon sarnie and I finally got to surprise him with a trip to Venice that I’d been struggling to keep to myself! We go in March (because no one likes a soggy bottom!) and in a few weeks we’re heading to Vienna- nothing like being culture vultures!

I’m very excited to get back on a plane and see the world, although I have been to Vienna and Venice before, it’ll be wonderful to introduce them to A.

PS- I’m also working on a Viennese-inspired shawl that I am itching to finish and release because it’s honestly so pretty!

I also surprised him with a replacement hoodie after his favourite was lost on our trip to the US, and I spent the rest of the trip staring at the disappointment in his eyes. I was unable to find a new replacement but luckily eBay came to the rescue and I seemed to find the only other hoodie in existence that was exactly the same colour, size and style. Eureka!

October also saw me seeing my other love: John Mayer, for the 6th time. A booked phenomenal tickets and I danced the night away- even though my feet were almost giving up by the end. Hopefully there’s a few calories burned!

We’d stayed in Peterborough so the travel to the London O2 would be easier, and hung out with A’s mum and dad, and also met up with some of his friends and sister, by way of late-birthday celebrations. We’d been out with his friends the weekend before in Peterborough too, as well as celebrating his nieces Christening the day after.

I was official Christening photographer and was absolutely touched when his sister rocked up with a bottle of gin and a book on knitting to say thank you before we left to see Mr Mayer.

That gin is also INCREDIBLE!

And how cute is this face honestly?

In June I bought some fabric with A’s sister and set about making myself a dress for this little princess’ Christening. I’d never used a sewing machine before and knew that I worked not only best to a deadline but also a challenge. Impressively, I managed to pull it off and the dress didn’t fall apart or rip or anything! So yay me!

So now that I think about it, and I’ve written it all down, these 18 days of October so far have been super busy, no wonder time is flying. As the saying goes: time flies when you’re having fun, and I’m definitely having a whale of a time!


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