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I disappeared off the face of the earth for a little while, both figuratively and literally.

Lockdown 2020 means I’ve spent most, if not all, of my time at home. For the past 6 weeks I’ve barely looked beyond the four walls of our home, if only to escape for a brief walk outside.

I’m not working. I can’t. My could-be customers are in lockdown, but my business has barely been around long enough to merit the business loans and grants being passed out by the government.

So I crochet, and I make sales in my online shop. This month alone, somehow I’ve managed to make ends meet by selling handmade crocheted rainbows to hang in windows for the mass games of “I Spy” being played by children on their walks.

Let me tell you, I have discovered a whole new appreciation of those who crochet commissions. My order book rapidly filled up, and once I hit 100 rainbows, I couldn’t imagine how I was going to conquer the mammoth task ahead of me.

I have also discovered that my wrist and thumbs give up after 10 days of consistent crocheting, and I regret choosing a pattern with 6 separate elements for each rainbow. I’m now cutting corners by glueing, rather than sewing on the clouds to the rainbows, but any time saved is a blessing, as my head is so full of ideas that I need to action before it explodes…

I don’t know how, but I’ve acquired yarn without breaking my yarn ban. A few of you may have seen my collection has been expanding, without the need for me to spend any pennies. My friend, incidentally called Penney, sent me a Thank-you-cum-early-birthday gift voucher for Mad Scientist Yarns– an indie dyer that I LOVE. So two skeins quickly made it into my shopping basket, along with 2 gifted to me from the owner, Michelle, as I am currently working on a sample piece for their store.

Then luck was on my side again, as Etsy sent me a £20 gift voucher which was put towards two skeins of Wooly Mama hand dyed yarn in this gorgeous speckled number reminiscent of blueberry muffins. I think I’m inspired to bake less banana bread already!

Finally I received 3 skeins of hand dyed yarn from Royd Moor yarn. They’re one of a kind (well, three of a kind) and again feature a strong speckle. I am in love with this yarn, although was slightly annoyed with its delivery, as all three skeins came in three separate packages which meant I paid for postage out of my Nectar vouchers when I could have been ordering more yarn…

But what will I be whipping up? I must admit, after the rainbow crochet rampage, I’m actually looking forward to doing some more knitting. I plan on making 2 Breeze Racerback tops by Jessie Maed Designs using the Mad Scientist yarns, another one of her designs, the Ripple Top, using the Wooly Mama, and I’m hoping to make up a Vivien Halter when the pattern is released by Ponder and Ply using the final 3 skeins.

And for crochet? I have a few design ideas up my sleeve that I’m keeping on the DL right now. I’m excited for them and I think it’s time I used this new found free time to knuckle down and design again.

Wishing you perfectly baked lockdown banana bread everytime, may your muffins always rise, may you stay safe, and may your yarn stash be plentiful!


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