June, where are you going? Wait for me…

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I wish I had something worthwhile to update you on. The blogs been looking a bit bare lately, but with Coronavirus and lockdown, we’re all pretty much doing the same thing! Eat, sleep, crochet…

I haven’t worked much since lockdown in March, which has meant I’m in slight dire straits. Luckily being supported by A, means I still have a roof over my head. Yarn purchases are definitely slim to none, however.

May saw my birthday, and I was blessed enough to get a £100 gift card for What Mustard Made and bought some amazing yarns. Check them out below:

Rose Gold on 4ply and Mohair

Luckily, because I’ve been making samples for Mad Scientist Yarns, they sent me over some beautiful yarns to keep and add to my stash.

Badgers Mess and some Carina and Anthozoa (the pinks)

So luckily my stash hasn’t been completely deprived of hand dyed yarns during lockdown.

After the Rainbow mass production, I started on making projects for myself. The Beaded Beauty Cardigan I wrote about on the previous post, is coming along nicely, I’m just waiting on a new hook to thread my beads onto. I know I’ve got one somewhere, but in the madness that is moving house, I can’t be bothered to sort through crates to find it!

Because yes, we get the keys to our new house tomorrow. I can’t believe the day has finally come. When A moved into my house two years ago it was only supposed to be for a month or two. He didn’t think we’d be spending 2 Christmas’ here!

So we’ve found the house, keys tomorrow, and then I can start work on my new craft room. The living room has become a craft “dumping ground” of sorts and it’s impossible to keep the house clean when you’re confined to it 24-7 for over 13 weeks.

Is anyone else finding that, or is it just me making excuses for being lazy?

Between prepping for the release of my AC/GT Wrap, I’ve been knitting up a storm. Well, as fast a storm as I’m capable of… I’ve made the Vivien Halter by Ponder and Ply and now I’m working on the Breeze Racerback by Jessie Maed. I’ve been using hand dyed yarns as I like the look of them in knit rather than in crochet- blasphemy, I know!

But June just seems to be flying by. When I put it all to paper I feel like I’ve achieved a lot, but haven’t achieved a lot. Most of what I’ve described above has been spent in my dressing gown waiting for the postman to deliver supplies.

His month I started selling stitch markers. I used to take jewellery making classes back at school and had some tools already. So the postie has been in Sunday’s with tiny packages.

Check out my Etsy store to find them all!

Victorian Tea Set Markers

Financially, lockdown has been hard. I’ve barely worked, so any skill I can revive to support myself is coming out. I’m excited that there were so many pre-orders of the AC/GT Wrap last week and can’t wait to see the finished printed pattern hit stores. MSY made some beautiful kits and matching bags to go with the wrap for Wool Monty at Home and honestly I was blown away by the support I received.

It comes out Sunday and will be available to purchase on both Etsy and Ravelry!

So that’s June so far, with two weeks to go, I doubt it’ll be much more exciting. I’ve got some more collaborations on the horizon and too many ideas and not enough time to actually make. Before we all know it, it’ll be Christmas… and what a strange Christmas this years is set to be already.


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