Crochet Colour Palettes I am Crushing on Right Now

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So you’ve all heard of the Pantone colour of the year, right? Well if not, according to Pantone, everyone who’s anyone wants a piece of Classic Blue. But what about when you want to feel a bit more colourful? Personally, these are the colours I have saved to my Pinterest board as inspiration…

Whenever I’m looking for some inspiration for a design, I head to my Pinterest board first. Its amazing how many colour swatches people have pinned that can open up your mind and get those creative juices flowing.

Each of the colour sets described below are based on designs or projects I’m currently working on.

Neon Colour Pop

After working on the AC/GT Wrap- neon colours have been calling to me. I love the contrast of neon yellow against a spring-appropriate pastel pink. Its a bit daring and a bit safe all at the same time. The AC/GT Wrap features a bold neon pink over variegated yarn for an extra POP!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see how I use some of these colours for good evil.

Baby Neutrals

Once again, 2020 seems to be the Year of the Baby, in my book, and again none of my friends want to find out what they’re having. So neutral gender-friendly blankets it is! Yellow and green are considered ‘safe’ colours when it comes to the boy/girl divide – although, what baby actually cares? These are some colours that I think work really well for both genders as they’re all classics. And don’t fear putting brown in a blanket! I think its a great sunflower-meets-lion addition to any baby blanket!

Loving Lilac!

I have bought the most perfect lilac dress from Ralph Lauren for A’s sisters wedding. I am so excited to wear it. But it’s definitely in need of a matching wrap. So glad I have these colour combinations to look at for inspiration. It’s a summer wedding, so the palette on the left is definitely calling to me more than the sultry, moody hues of the right.

Frosty Hues

I’ve become a bit of a maniac with the new house decorating. There’s nothing to influence with the actual building work- plastering is no fun! – but I CAN chase A around with paint samples and mood boards.

I’m in love with a bit of a “frosty” colour theme. One of my December designs will actually be just these same hues of blue, grey and pink. Soft and subtle but still striking. Absolutely love them!

Earthy Vibes

I’m trying to bring a little more Earth from the outside in. The green colour in the middle I think would look absolutely stunning in our new bedroom (still trying to convince A) and the terracottas and mustard tones are so calming and warming.

These seem to be the hottest shades in garment designs lately too. The light terracotta and mustard in particular seem to be all over every crocheted sweater out there in the wild! These colours might just look even better “stand alone”.

What colour palettes have you been fond of lately? I’d love to hear. I like seeing how different shades work together beautifully. Much like the new Ravelry design, colourology is a work of art!


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